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We are very pleased to announce the first stable release.  The code is available at:

Thanks very much!


Message to Developers:

Please be patient.  We are holding all patches for unstable pending the mmaps commit.  The work is going well, and is near the point where we can commit.  There are still issues with the tools building on Windows.  Once this is resolved, the code will be available in the public repo.  If you wish to review the changes, contact Celtus and ask for access to his unity-pathfinding repo.

[UPDATE] The Win64 build is now working for tools. We have only to test Win32 before releasing the code to unstable!

[UPDATE2] Win32 will now build.  There are issues with cmake when building TOOLS without SERVERS, but these are likely not going to take long to resolve.  We are currently discussing bumping the versions for this.  All of the data will need to be generated again, and it seems like we might want to have a version break here.

[UPDATE3]  The test code has been released to a public repo.  Once we have a few more changes in place, and have seen the code run for awhile, we'll move it to unstable.  In the meantime, all accepted/tested changes from unstable should be promoted to stable.  After that, we'll bump unstable to 1.3 before merging in the pathfinding code.  The temporary repo is http://bitbucket.org/Unity/unity-pathfinding


Now in Development (Unstable):

LuaScript Script Engine (very early development)

Published on  May 19th, 2012